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Terraces, Walls & Walkways

Walls, Walks and Terraces serve to connect, create and define spaces within the landscape. In essence, they provide an obstacle free platform on which to build an accessible landscape. While walks connect spaces within the landscape and points of interior egress, terraces create outdoor living areas. Both elements provide for the expansion of a properties total living area. Walls, on the other hand, provide a functional element to stabilize changes in elevation or introduce a structural feature to the landscape.

The choice of materials available for these applications range from man-made products eg. concrete pavers and engineered wall systems to natural products such as bluestone, granite and wall stone. The choice of materials used on a project is primarily based on client aesthetic preferences, cost and the application for which it is intended.

Manufactured Concrete Products:

  • Unilock
  • Techo-Bloc
  • Cambridge
  • Allan Block

Natural Products:

  • Granite (Caledonia,
  • Blue Mist, Stanstead)
    Bluestone, Brownstone, Sandstone
  • New England Fieldstone
  • Pennsylvania Fieldstone
  • Veneer Stone (Delgado, Stone Yard, Real Stone)